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Joey Schooley

Live life to the fullest! This is Joey Schooley's mantra.

Joey has been a pillar in the fashion industry for a number of years and has been the face of Mr. Max Fashions in Canada and the UK. We could think of no one better to represent the Mr. Max Fashions brand with her charisma, positive outlook, fashion knowledge, and exuberant energy!

Joey on QVC UK for our May Show, 2016

Joey and Dawn on the set of Tsc, 2021

A Word from Joey 

I have a recipe for the best h'ordeuvre that everyone loves. It's super simple and YUMMY!!


I make my own basil pesto in the summer when the basil is fresh ( be sure to use fresh lemon juice and lots of garlic in the recipe of your choice) and I freeze it in small containers so I have it all year round to put on pasta but especially on rye crisp crackers with a favourite cheese. Use a cheese that's not overpowering. like cheddar or mozzarella. 


Put the cheese on the cracker and melt it in a microwave. Then put the pesto on top...or you can put the pesto on top of the cheese and nuke the entire thing at once. 

Ryvita crackers are super healthy and  perfect for this

snack but so is Melba toast.

For your good health and happiness,

Your Pal Joey for MR MAX

Joey approaches life with boundless energy, something that has served her well in the fashion industry and allows her to be the perfect representative for Mr. Max Fashions. Joey delivers her unique blend of whirlwind energy with fashion insights that have a relevant eye on the practicality of our clothing for the woman who wants to look good and feel good in clothing that flatters and moves with her. 


Joey credits her 30 year practice of Yoga in keeping her both physically and mentally sharp.  You can join Joey's practice on her YouTube channel 'My Planet Joey' or by visiting her website ''




From our archives: Joey on The Shopping Channel Oct 21, 2011

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