Joey Schooley

Joey on QVC UK for our May Show, 2016

Live life to the fullest! This is Joey Schooley's mantra.

Joey has been a pillar in the fashion industry for a number of years and has been the face of Mr. Max Fashions in Canada and the UK. We could think of no one better to represent the Mr. Max Fashions brand with her charisma, positive outlook, fashion knowledge, and exuberant energy!

From our archives: Joey on The Shopping Channel Oct 21, 2011

A Word from Joey 

Hello & Happy (almost) summer.

I have a very small east and south facing area to garden. Last year my Cherry tomatoes were enjoyed by many ‘passerbyers', at my invitation. They're like candy!

This year, along with the tomatoes and some herbs especially basil, I am growing lots of kale. Why? because I know how to make this powerhouse of nutrition tasty. In fact, if something isn’t yummy, I’d prefer not to eat it.


  • 1/2 bunch or 2 large fistfuls of any sort of kale /Cavalo Nero is the darker stuff

  • 4 cloves of garlic


  • Sea Salt


Steam the kale, then toss it and the garlic into a food processor, add oil for desired consistency and sea salt to taste. 
Dipping bread, use sauce for pasta/rice or add a dollop to a baked potato, 

PLUS you get bragging rights for growing the kale :-)

Add Fresh lemon juice for tartness or red pepper flakes for heat.

Green veggies are excellent for your heart at an esoteric level, ( Remember, I’m a yogini, and Reg. Holistic Nutritionist)
In one cup of kale, you get over      206% RDA of Vit A
                                                              684%  RDA of Vit K
                                                              134%  RDA of Vit C, and so much more 

With only 36 calories, cholesterol lowering effects & fibre adding up to one of the healthiest foods you can eat.
 Kale chips, kale smoothies with sweetened almond milk, hemp seeds and bit of probiotic yogurt and or protein powder. 
The list is long and the benefits almost endless. 

For your good health and happiness,

Your Pal Joey for MR MAX

PS: See you  for the launch of our brand new MAXI dress on June 8 at 10 pm and all day June 9 on The Shopping Channel!

Joey's Recipe of the Month:

Kale Pesto Sauce from Jamie Oliver

World’s most elegant winter pasta. Visit the original website here